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Think Outside The Box

Since I’ve always been one of those “Lead, Follow, or Get out of My Way” kind of person, I tend to think differently from the average bear.   When someone says “think outside the box”, my mind will wander to places  that some people will think is a bit unusual.  Those of us who are creative are used to being misunderstood.  I can appreciate the people who have the discipline to do the daily repetitive tasks that keep the business world operating properly.  But I am not one of those people.   I was once asked if I preferred freedom or security in a job and my answer was freedom!  I hope you can hear the soundtrack playing in the background behind that word.  It’s probably from the 70’s.    Back to the box.  My box is colorful, and a bit abstract.   I like to understand the  big picture and how all the components fit together to make everything work.  I don’t have to do every little task,  I just want to know how each piece is essential to the big picture.


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