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Think Outside The Box

Since I’ve always been one of those “Lead, Follow, or Get out of My Way” kind of person, I tend to think differently from the average bear.   When someone says “think outside the box”, my mind will wander to places  that some people will think is a bit unusual.  Those of us who are creative are used to being misunderstood.  I can appreciate the people who have the discipline to do the daily repetitive tasks that keep the business world operating properly.  But I am not one of those people.   I was once asked if I preferred freedom or security in a job and my answer was freedom!  I hope you can hear the soundtrack playing in the background behind that word.  It’s probably from the 70’s.    Back to the box.  My box is colorful, and a bit abstract.   I like to understand the  big picture and how all the components fit together to make everything work.  I don’t have to do every little task,  I just want to know how each piece is essential to the big picture.

Competing with the big boys

There is a wealth of talent available at your fingertips.  What used to require a great deal of advanced programming and a large budget that many entrepreneurs can only dream of, is now available through such programs as WordPress.   Small business owners can compete with large corporations with a web presence that looks and feels like they had a budget of Coca Cola or Budweiser.    WordPress is a powerful tool with a large assortment of plug-ins to customize your website.    You can add a variety of features such as calendars, polls, customized headers and other features.

Running with the Big Dogs

Small businesses are now using social media instead of traditional media to attract customers and to establish their brand.  In the past, advertising options were limited to radio, television, print publications and outdoor advertising.  Unless a client had a substantial marketing budget, the small companies  were limited in their ability to gain market share. Now, with the advent of social media, entrepreneurs can compete with international companies by generating websites and collateral materials that have the look and feel of Madison Avenue.  

As a marketing …

As a marketing professional, I aspire to empower local entrepreneurs to acheive their passions by using several different mediums.  I offer solutions to their business needs as I learn about their industry.

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